SFAC Meetings

Upcoming SFAC meetings:

On February 26, 2015, SFAC in coordination with CSU Chico, Center for Economic Development will be holding a workshop on the relationship between our National Forests and our communities Social and Economic status.  The following announcement provides the information for registering as well as the agenda for the day.  This workshop is a result of SFAC working with CSU Chico and the Region 5 Forest Service Regional Office for over two years on bringing awareness to the National Environmental Policy Act’s requirement to consider the Human Environment in all NEPA decisions.  The results of these workshops will hopefully provide information and direction to Forest Planning staff to consider Social and Economic information in all NEPA documents, which is currently lacking or absent.

Socioeconomic Advert First – Announcement and registration information

NE Socioeconomic Roundtable Agenda 02-2-15 2

Past Meeting Information:

2014 meetings in Redding;

SFAC held their first meetings in Redding on June 27th and August 22, 2014.  Meetings were held in Redding instead of Sacramento to facilitate the joint effort to work with both Forest Service Regions 5 and 6 and our seven S. Oregon County Commissions and Communities for Healthy Forest members.

August 22, 2014.  SFAC and Region 5 and 6 Regional Forester”s and staff held in Redding, CA.

Agenda;    Region5 and 6 – Agenda – 08.22.14

Minutes:   RO SFAC 8 22 14 Redding minutes

June 27, 2014.  SFAC and political representatives meeting held in Redding, CA

Invitation letter  Sustainable political mtg june 2014

Agenda  SFAC political mtg agenda June 27 14

Past Meetings in 2014 to 2010:

On April 23, 2014 SFAC met with Forest Service Regional Forester and Staff and sponsored by Congressman LaMalfa and McClintock.  The Agenda and Notes are below.

sub comm and RO 2 19 14

RO SFAC 4 23 14 Sac minutes


SFAC held their first meeting of 2014 on February 28th in Sacramento, California.  This meeting was with our political representatives and included staff from Senator Feinstein, Senator Heller, Congressman Garamendi, LaMalfa and McClintock”s offices.  Below is information and supporting documents provided for the meeting.

SFAC Cong agenda Feb 28 2014 final

Feb 28 2014 Introduction

Social Econ 2 28 14

EAJA 2 28 14

ESA 2 28 14rh edits 2-9-14

Political and SFAC 2 28 14 Sac minutes

The agenda and notes from the November 8, 2013 General meeting.  The meeting was held in Willows, CA which has been our central general meeting location.

SFAC Agenda Willows 11 8 13

SFAC minutes 11 8 13 Willows

CHF SFAC Meeting November 8-1

SFAC and Forest Service meeting notes from previous meetings (not all meetings are included that SFAC has held):

SFAC minutes 2 8 13 Willows

SFAC minutes 5 18 12 Willows

SFAC minutes 3 12 12 Sacramento

SFAC minutes 8 24 11 Sacramento

SFAC minutes 5 20 11 Willows

SFAC minutes 2 23 11 Sacramento

SFAC minutes 11 5 10 Willows

minutes 8 25 10 SFAC Meeting Sacramento

SFAC Minutes 5 21 10